Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Base cabinet – A base cabinet, or lower cabinet, is designed to sit directly on the floor. In kitchens, base cabinets are often used to keep cooking utensils, and other essentials within easy reach. Base cabinets may be either ready-made or custom-designed.

Tall cabinet – Tall kitchen cabinets are generally used either as pantry space or to store cleaning materials. They typically span the entire length from the floor to the ceiling. If your kitchen space is limited, tall cabinets are a great way to maximize space.

Wall cabinet – Wall cabinets, or upper cabinets, are placed at or near eye level.In kitchens, they are often used to store dinnerware. Corner wall cabinets—triangle-shaped cabinets placed in the corner, are also often used.

Hutch – A hutch is a large wooden cabinet that is generally used for extra storage space in the kitchen. They are often used to store extra tableware and other kitchen items. You can choose from a standard kitchen hutch, a buffet hutch, ora china cabinet hutch.

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