Vintage-style Kitchens

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Vintage-style kitchens possess distinguishing characteristics that originate from an earlier time in history. Whether it’s a genuine renovation or even a new remodel, the personality of the design takes on a feeling of old times, yet appeals to any modern house.

Aged wood, aged coatings, hard wood floorings, as well as kitchen cabinet designs that resemble aged furnishings can be used to generate this appeal. Within this area, the refrigerator and the freezer can be actually constructed with a custom-made hardwood border that gives the appearance of conventional wood furniture. Meticulously chosen lighting fixtures, faucets, cupboards, as well as wood flooring work with the appearance of a vintage designed house.

Aged art pieces, tables, chairs, and light fixtures can give your kitchen area a feeling of the olden days, as well as providing your house with a sense of craftsmanship. Professional wood craftsmen can create a piece that can seem like old furniture for a remodel, giving the space a natural feel. Aged pieces can be incorporated to give a focal point to a kitchen island or you can even add an intriguing china hutch as a standout piece.

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