What Could Cause Sewer Odors in a Bathroom?

As soon as you realize that you have offensive sewer smells in a bathroom, it is recommended that you deal with it immediately. In some instances, inhalation of high levels of sewer gases can lead to a host of health problems.

The odor may be a simple and easy fix with a liquid drain cleaner. Pour the solution down the drains of both the shower and the sink to remove any kind of gunk that could have accumulated in the pipes and caused the odor. Carefully follow with the directions on the packing, making sure you wait the amount of time suggested prior to flushing the drains with water. If either of the pipes continues to drain slowly, you should repeat the process. If the odor disappears after a day or 2, the problem is solved!

If the odor still remains, the next step it to look for any standing water on the floor or cabinet base, under the U-shaped pipe under the sink. Run your hand along the length of the pipe to feel for any kind of moisture.Normally, a small quantity of water gathers inside the pipe, even when it’s not in use, thereby keeping out any sewage system gases. If the water in the drain pipe leaks out and leaves the inside of the pipe dry, those gases will creep up via the drainpipe opening.

However, if your drains are clear as well and your drain pipe is not leaking, you’ll possibly have to contact a plumber to inspect the bathroom. It could be that there’s a damaged wax ring where the toilet meets the flooring, a problem that you can spot by observing just how much water remains in the bowl in between uses. If there isn’t sufficient water for a flush, you may have a leaking seal that has unattached fromthe toiletand allowed the sewer gas seep right into the area. Alternatively, clogged or inaccurately installed duct pipes might be the culprits. These pipelines push drain gases out of your home, and repairing them would call for specific tools and a trip to the roof. If the vent pipelines are the problem, tracking down the exact place that is causing the odor and correcting the issue is a job bestleft to an expert.