Searching for the Most Durable Countertops?

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A durable stone countertop

Many people put a lot of effort into finding the most durable countertop—and we don’t blame them! Durability is very important for a countertop material. If you’ve got something that’s durable, you won’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg for a replacement after just a few years. In fact, our most durable material—engineered quartz—might last even longer than your home itself.

If you love variety, then you’ll love engineered quartz countertops. Since they’re man-made, their patterns are not up to Mother Nature—instead, those patterns are created during the manufacturing process. They come in all sorts of designs and colorations, meaning they complement almost every kitchen in a beautiful, show-stopping manner.

Quartz even has the ability to mimic the look of natural stone countertops—but with none of the work involved!

Why Is Quartz So Durable?

We’ve let you in on the fact that engineered quartz is the most durable countertop—but we haven’t told you exactly why. The answer is simple: since quartz is a man-made stone, there are additives in its composition that make it tough. These additives include polymers and resins, and they seal the pores of natural quartz and bind the particles together. This creates an impermeable, solid (yet somewhat flexible), durable material.

Quartz is somewhat flexible because resins are a type of plastic—and that’s a good thing. It means, unlike granite and marble, the stone is much less likely to crack or fracture.

Here are some other durable qualities of quartz:

  • It’s very scratch resistant.
  • It never needs to be sealed because it’s a nonporous material.
  • It’s not in danger of cracking.
  • It’s unlikely to stain.

People love the fact that quartz is a nonporous stone because it doesn’t have to be sealed. It’s sealed once during the fabrication process, then you never have to worry about it again. This inherent seal also makes quartz much harder to stain, because there are no pores for spills to sink into. Along that same vein, quartz is a very hygienic surface—because germs and bacteria don’t have a place to collect.

The resins included in quartz’s composition do it a lot of favors, but there is one area where they hold quartz back. Since resins are a type of plastic, they can be sensitive to heat. Unlike natural stone, which has a very high heat resistance, you should never set hot pots or pans down directly on a quartz countertop. Doing so puts your quartz in danger of thermal shock or scorching. Instead, use a hot pad or trivet.

Other Durable Options

While quartz is the most durable stone at Affordable Quality Marble & Granite, some people aren’t into engineered stones. If you’d rather install natural stone, we have durable natural options as well, including granite and marble.

While quartz may not be the most heat resistant material, granite is. Since it’s created under intense heat and pressure inside the earth, it takes no issue with a hot pan. Granite also doesn’t scratch easily—you would need another piece of granite or a diamond to do any damage to it in that respect.

Because it’s a porous natural stone, granite does require sealant to keep it strong against liquid damage and stains.

Marble is another durable natural stone. While it’s not quite as heat resistant as granite, it does hold its own in that department because it’s yet another natural stone. As long as you don’t mind a bit of extra maintenance, marble can look gorgeous in your home for generations.

Our Durability Recommendations

Choosing which durable countertop works for you ultimately comes down to aesthetics and durability. If you’re hung up on the fact that quartz can be sensitive to heat, we recommend marble or granite. If you don’t mind using hot pads and trivets, and you aren’t interested in keeping up the sealing routine, we’d recommend going with quartz.

For more information on durability and the countertops we have in store, contact Affordable Quality Marble & Granite today.