Marble Countertops

Affordable Quality Marble and Granite is a family owned business established in 2006.

best marble countertops Marble is known for its luxurious aesthetics and extensive variety of designs. It’s been used for many, many years, and can be found in sophisticated kitchens and bathrooms all over the nation.

People love the uniqueness of marble—no two slabs are alike, which makes your marble countertop that much more precious.

Marble Maintenance

Marble is one of the softer natural stones. Since it is formed from limestone, it’s also considerably porous. Because of its porous nature, it is necessary to seal marble and keep up a resealing routine in order to maintain its beauty and integrity.

Regarding marble and heat, how marble reacts depends on how hot the item is. To stay on the safe side, always use a trivet or a hot pad when handling hot items around your countertop.

Since marble is sensitive to acids, if such a substance is spilled on it, it is prone to etching. To steer clear of etching, avoid acidic cleaners and substances in general, and always use a cutting board when chopping food. Also, remember to clean up spills right away to avoid staining your marble.

Marble Durability

A good coat of sealant will help marble remain impervious to liquids. Without sealant, marble is susceptible to damage.

One thing to be aware of with a marble slab is the possibility of chips. They can happen near the edges or corners, but never fear—such blemishes can be easily fixed by a professional.

Marble Location

If you spend a lot of time baking, you’ll love marble for your indoor kitchen—it’s a stone that stays cool no matter what.

Marble can also be used outdoors, but since it is not weather proof, it will experience effects from the elements. Some homeowners prefer this naturally aged look, though, and think it gives their backyard a rustic vibe.

Why Marble?

This beautiful stone can last in your home up to one hundred years, bringing a sense of class and high-end living with it. If a little extra care and upkeep doesn’t intimidate you, marble is a great choice. To learn more about this stone, contact Affordable Quality Marble & Granite today.