Considering A Waterfall Countertop Installation?

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Waterfall Countertop Granite

When you add a waterfall countertop to your kitchen, you’re automatically improving the aesthetics and the function of the room. Such a countertop encourages people to spend time in the kitchen, and if you decide to sell in the future, they can improve your home’s position on the market.

There are quite a few countertop materials you can use for waterfall countertop installation—it just depends on your budget, style, and personal preference. If you’ve got your mind set on a specific material, we can make it happen at Affordable Quality Marble & Granite.

Keep reading to learn more about waterfall countertop installation and all it can do for your home.

Staying on Trend

Back when waterfall countertops were new, they were not commonly seen except for in the mansions of the ultra-rich. People loved the style for the same reason they do today—because it allows appliances to be tucked away behind a slab of stone—but only the wealthy could afford such a look.

Now, since materials are more readily available and accessible, waterfall countertops are possible for most everyone. The best thing is that the trend probably won’t die off anytime soon—after all, what’s not to love about a sleek, classy, organized kitchen?

Advantages of the Waterfall

It’s always great to know the advantages of something before you jump right in. So, here are the advantages to installing a waterfall countertop:

  • They clean up the look of your kitchen and decreases clutter.
  • They catch the eye in a stunning, radiant manner.
  • They’re a big investment, and installing the waterfall style will ensure that people take notice of what you spent money on.
  • They’re durable—as durable as the material that you decide to use on the countertop. Many people choose natural stone, which is one of the most durable materials that you can find.

The Appearance

If you’re not sure what to imagine when we reference waterfall countertops, let us clear up the confusion. A waterfall countertop has a horizontal ledge that ends at a ninety-degree angle, then travels vertically to the floor. While this look adds a certain something to a modern kitchen, your kitchen doesn’t have to be sleek and sharp-cornered for the waterfall to work its magic.

The Best Materials

Your waterfall countertop is only as good as the materials you choose for it. If you’re like many of our customers, you’ll gravitate toward stone for this countertop, as stone comes in a variety of styles, designs, and patterns. Not only that, but stone countertops in general are durable and sturdy, which are two great qualities for a waterfall countertop.

Marble and granite are two great options for your waterfall countertop, just remember that they should be regularly sealed in order to maintain their integrity. If the sealing routine doesn’t sound appealing to you, then quartz is always an option. Since it’s an engineered stone, you never have to worry about sealing it.

All three stones have great benefits and can add notable value to your kitchen. When it comes to the natural and engineered stones that we offer at Affordable Quality Marble & Granite, there are no bad choices.

Installing Your Waterfall

If you’re dreaming of installing a waterfall countertop into your kitchen, let our team of professionals at Affordable Quality Marble & Granite make it happen. Get in touch with us today at (803) 642-5416 to learn more about what we can do with this amazing style of countertop.