Granite Countertops
Pros and Cons

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Beautiful Granite Countertop

At Affordable Quality Marble & Granite, we recognize that every material has its advantages and disadvantages—after all, nothing is perfect. We want you to know all there is to know about granite, which is why we put this article together about the pros and cons of granite countertops.

If you’re considering granite and you want to get to know it a little bit better, check out this piece.

The Pros of Granite

We have to admit that we think there are more positives to granite than there are negatives. In the end, there’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular natural stones.

Here are a few of its most major pros:

Your home will sell faster. Granite countertops catch the eyes of buyers. If they’re choosing between a house that doesn’t have natural stone countertops and your home with granite countertops installed, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll choose you over the competition. Granite countertops make your home desirable!

It goes easy on the environment. No harmful practices are included in quarrying granite, and since it’s a completely natural material, it doesn’t include any harmful substances. Another great thing is the fact that it lasts for generations, so it doesn’t have a quick turnaround time in your kitchen—meaning less discarded materials. And even if you do want to replace it, the materials are recyclable and will be used again in most cases.

It’s durable. If durability is what you’re looking for, granite is your answer. It’s heat resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. As long as you keep it sealed, it will last and last. Granite can even be installed outdoors, and you can enjoy its presence for just as long outside.

It’s sophisticated. Granite has stayed on-trend for all these years because it’s easy on the eyes. There are so many patterns and colors available, making it simple to find something that you absolutely love. And because granite is a natural material, no two slabs are exactly alike.

The Cons of Granite

As we said, no material is perfect. In the interest of transparency, here are some downfalls that can be associated with granite:

It can be expensive. While it’s possible to find affordable options for almost any type of countertop, granite is known for its quality, so its price can get lofty. The thicker the slab, the higher the price will be, and you also have to think about the cost of installation. Granite should never be installed by amateurs.

Cracking is possible. While cracking isn’t likely, it’s possible if you drop a heavy object near the edge or near the sink. This is more likely to happen if granite wasn’t installed by a professional, which is why we place so much emphasis on professional installation services for such a heavy natural stone.

You can’t customize its colors. Man doesn’t create granite—the earth creates granite, and she doesn’t take requests. The best you can do is browse our showroom until you find something you like, but there’s no way to customize the color or design of granite.

Understanding Granite

To know granite is to love it, and we find that many people appreciate learning the granite countertops pros and cons because it allows them to get familiar with the stone. Then, once they’re familiar, they feel comfortable enough to invest.

To learn more about all that granite can do or to get started on your granite adventure, reach out to Affordable Quality Marble & Granite today.