Countertop Edge Types

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Countertop edges are the final touch of your countertop remodel, and they have the ability to tie the whole room together. When you choose your countertop, you’ll be able to choose the countertop edge profile as well, and there are many different countertop edge profiles to choose from.


Things to Consider

What you choose depends on the size of your kitchen and the aesthetics you prefer. You’ll also want to consider your countertop material, the style of your kitchen, and your general price range.

There are some edges that certain countertop materials may not be able to accommodate. For example, a quartz counter edge may not work for a different type of stone because quartz is durable and lends itself to almost any type of edge, even those that are intricate.

Talk to us at Affordable Quality Marble & Granite about which edge profiles will work best for your room and unique countertop. If you’re working with a large kitchen, it’s likely that most countertop edges will blend in—even the mitered edge counter, which is also called a “waterfall countertop” that extends all the way to the floor. But if your kitchen is on the smaller side, your options may be more limited.

There aren’t any rules surrounding what edge profile you’re allowed to choose, but you’ll definitely be able to spot the difference between an edge that gels and one that doesn’t.

The cost is also something you need to consider. In most cases, an ornately designed countertop edge will be more expensive than a simple, straightforward cut.

To get a clear idea of what the final product of your kitchen will look like, talk to us about edge profiles before we break ground on the project.


Types of Countertop Edges

Here are five of our most popular countertop edge profiles:

1. Eased/Flat Polish Edge

Eased edges are almost entirely square, but not quite. They are rounded to the tiniest degree, but the overall profile keeps its straight lines. This edge is modern, simple, and classy, and it works well with bold patterns. This is why it’s one of our favorite profile edges for granite—because granite is known for its standout patterns.

2. Bullnose Edge

Bullnose edges are rounded and have an even curve along the top and bottom. They are soft with eased edges and look good in almost any environment. They’re easy to clean and safer than edges with sharp corners, which makes them a popular choice for families with young children.

Not only are they great for children, but they also work well if you’re not crazy about the look of a sharp edge or defined profile.

3. Half Bullnose Edge

The half bullnose has a soft slope along the top and a flat bottom. Much like the full bullnose, it looks good in almost any style of kitchen, and it’s very easy to clean—which makes it a great surface to cook and prepare food on.

If you’re looking to keep your level of maintenance low, half bullnose is the edge you’re looking for.

4. Ogee Edge

Ogee edges create an S shape using two gentle curves. The curves can also be hardened to create a more dramatic look, and any variation of this edge profile adds a depth to both the countertop and the cabinetry. The ogee edge is most often used with granite and quartz countertops because they are luxurious stones.

Ogee looks best in larger rooms where the added depth isn’t overwhelming—and on stones with subtle patterns.

5. Cove Edge

Cove edges are sharper versions of ogee edges, and their rounded indent creates a grooved effect. They are a bit less formal than an ogee edge, but they take up about the same amount of space. They involve a bit of extra maintenance because the grooves can catch spills.

If your large kitchen needs some glamor, choose the cove edge.

Living on the Edge

At Affordable Quality Marble & Granite, our professionals can give you worthwhile advice on what edge profiles suit your countertops best. Get in touch with us today to learn more.