Gray and White Granite Countertops

Incredible Selection of Gray and White Granite Slabs!

Unbelievably Low Granite Slab Prices

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Gray and white granite kitchen countertops offer an elegant, luxurious look that will set your kitchen apart from everyone else. They come in many varieties of shades and contrasts in the gray and white color family. The different color whites and grays vary depending on the quarry, as well as the country of origin. White and gray granite countertops are some of our most popular color choices and are in very high demand.

At Affordable Quality Marble & Granite (AQMG), we bring these in-demand granite counters to you at a fraction of our competitor’s prices. Since we are a direct granite importer, we are able to give you a direct line to the quarry and provide the best selection in the Southeast.  Since supply depends on limited natural production and not manufacturing, supply is limited.  Each slab is unique and our inventory changes from day to day.

Affordable Quality Marble & Granite has granite slabs arriving daily. Our individual color inventory is sold at a first come, first serve basis but we can reserve a particular slab. Popular exotic whites and grays don’t last long in the slab yard, so it’s important to claim your desired granite slab.

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