Notable Things about Solid Surface Countertops

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Solid surface countertops have gone through a lot of change in recent years, and they’re more popular today than they’ve been in quite a while.

Countertops in solid surface are made from resin and natural minerals, and they’re the best choice when it comes to affordable surfaces. As their name would suggest, they’re made from one solid piece of material—unlike laminate, which is made by layering material over fiberboard.

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What to Know about Solid Surface

Of course, there are solid surface countertops pros and cons. There are good and bad things about each and every material that you invest in for your kitchen. But when it comes to solid surface material, the pros far outweigh the cons. Here are some things to know about this unique countertop material:

What They’re Made Of

Countertops in solid surface are made of dense acrylic, polyester, or a mixture of the two. In these countertops, you’ll find mineral particles, a bonding resin, and added pigments for all the varying colors.

Acrylic solid surface materials typically have a matte appearance and are known for being more durable. When these types are made, it’s easier to create a seamless appearance.

Polyester-based solid surface countertops are cheaper, but they’re also more brittle than those made of acrylic. They have a glossier appearance than acrylic solid surface countertops, and they look best when they’re created with vibrant colors.

Their Low Maintenance Level

One of the main things people love about solid surface countertops is the fact that they’re nonporous. This means that they never need to be sealed, they’re extremely hygienic, and they’re easy to clean. You’ll often find solid surface used in healthcare facilities because it isn’t vulnerable to germs and viruses making a home in its material.

Be Wary of Heat

Solid surface countertops should never be exposed to high heat. While they can tolerate temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, you should never make a practice of setting hot pots and pans on the surface. While it’s pretty straightforward to resurface a material to make it look new again, avoiding the problem is simple too.


While solid surface countertops are known for their durability, they are made of a relatively soft material—and that means they scratch somewhat easily. They can be damaged by knives and other sharp utensils, so it’s always wise to use a cutting board.

If you do happen to scratch your solid surface material, know that repairs can be made. You can simply use an orbital sander and fine-grain sandpaper to make the countertop look like new once more.

Getting to Know Your Solid Surface

Understanding your solid surface countertop is the best way to ensure that you know how to take care of it. For more information on this type of surface, reach out to Affordable Quality Marble & Granite today!