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Installation Sign-off Sheet

Completion of Insatallation

I hereby approve the installation of my granite, marble, or quartz project. I have walked through with the Affordable Quality Marble & Granite. Inc (Hereby referred to as AQM&G) Installer

I understand that AQM&G will warranty the insatallation. However, Natural Stone can not be covered under the warranty therefore, we cannot fix “rough spots” in the stone.

If there are any damages not caused by installation there will be a $75.00 per hour service call fee. If the work that needs repaired will take longer than an hour the AQM&G Representative will discuss further options with you.

I understand I have to call AQM&G and schedule an appointment to have a representative come back to my home or business to make the necessary repairs and this may or may not cause dust and debris at my location. I will not hold AQM&G responsible for the clean up.

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